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Do MORE Than Just Discover Your Purpose...
Learn how you can make the impact you came here to have on the world!
My Purpose In Life Is To Help As Many People As Possible...
This live, online course outlines the exact process my multi-million corporate clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars for to help them grow and thrive as business owners and as human beings. I love my work and the incredible impact it has on the people in my life, and my goal is to help and serve more people than ever before. 

That's why I've built this Purpose & Impact Program, where I will walk you through discovering YOUR purpose and making the impact you are here to have on the world. 

Spots to the course are EXTREMELY LIMITED. I want to GUARANTEE personalized attention to each person enrolled in the course. I will only accept the first 20 students to enroll. 

If you want to make long-term, meaningful change in your life, don't miss out.
Enroll In The Purpose & Impact Course TODAY to discover...
How to find the TRUE MEANING in your life
and how to use that meaning to have an IMPACT in everything that you do, and as a bonus, improve your life and the lives of the people you love most.
How YOUR LIFE PURPOSE is the thing that gives you STRENGTH
and that when you tap into that knowlege and awaken it, you'll be stronger than ever before. 
How to find the unconscious DRIVERS influencing your choices
and how those drivers have always been there, nudging you toward the life you've always desired. 
And, finally, how to bring it all together to uncover how unlocking your ultimate life purpose can allow you have the impact you came here to have...
"The purpose and impact course has absolutely changed my life. In the few weeks since the class has ended, I’ve accomplished more and felt more fulfilled in my life than I have in YEARS."
- Mary Lintz
When is this Online Purpose & Impact Program Happening?
This incredible material has been broken into four, easy-to-consume sessions. 
* Be sure to set aside one and a half to two hours of time for each session! *
Session One:
Saturday, Oct 13
8:00 AM PST
Session Two:
Saturday, Oct 20
8:00 AM PST
Session Three:
Saturday, Oct 27
8:00 AM PST
Session Four:
Saturday, Nov 3
8:00 AM PST
Every week, each of the 20 limited members of the class will meet with me live on a digital platform to learn in an intimate, small group setting, allowing me to provide everyone with detailed answers to their questions and providing you an opportunity to learn from the group as a whole.
A little bit about me...
For over 30 years, I've been speaking internationally at global conferences on influence, business, and embracing purpose-driven authentic leadership. I've written many books - several of them have even become best-sellers. My Leadership & Loyalty podcast is ranked number one for Fortune 500 Executives and has been cited by INK, Magazing, as the #1 podcast to make you a better leader. 

That's all to say... I've been doing this for a long time. I've helped thousands of people better their lives and the lives of the people around them through my state-of-the-art coaching in purpose, influence, and leadership. 

My passion in this life is to assist those that I serve to realize their Authentic Selves, to become the best of who they are, so they can make massive change that only comes by tapping into their true purpose... 
Hear from some Past Graduates of the Purpose and Impact Program:
Kevin Smith
July 2018 Graduate
Earl Breon
July 2018 Graduate
Tom Schwab
July 2018 Graduate
Jason Webb
July 2018 Graduate
Karen Carter
July 2018 Graduate
Mary Lintz
July 2018 Graduate
Erin Harrison
July 2018 Graduate
Michael Levitt
July 2018 Graduate
Tim Rhode 
JT DeBolt
Navy Aviator and Entrepreneur
Brett Trapp
Creative Consultant
Are you ready to become part of this amazing online course?
Who Is This Online Course Designed For?
This incredible opportunity is made for two kinds of people:

People who already KNOW their purpose

but haven't been able to bring it to fruition and create a life around it, and want to do MORE to fulfill their lives.

People with no idea what their purpose is 

but have that sense that something is MISSING in their lives and are ready to finally take the plunge to discover it.
Whether you're absolutely sure what your purpose is and you're just looking for a way to turn it into your life's work, or if you're not sure what your purpose is but you're sick of doing the day-to-day grind without any true satisfaction and fulfillment, this amazing opportunity can help you build the life you desire!
"If you’re looking to find your one red thread, if you’re trying to get more purpose in your impact, if you’re just trying to get more direction and clarity, I highly recommend working with Dov Baron."
-Tom Schwab
What Does This Online Course Cover?
This is a live, online event where you and the other members will meet with me virtually to go through five, in-depth modules. You will uncover your purpose and use it to create great impact in your life and the world around you:

Module One:

Finding Your Purpose

Module Two:

Awakening Your Purpose

Module Three:

Unlocking Your Drivers

Module Four:

Understanding Your Journey

Module Five:

Making Your Impact
Are you ready to unlock your potential and have the impact you came here to have?
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JT DeBolt
Navy Aviator and Entrepreneur
Brett Trapp
Creative Consultant
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